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A survey conducted by the Isolated Children's Parents' Association of NSW showed that: 




of families are struggling with the enormity of drought, fire and floods which impacts their ability to support their children's education.

of families are already on boarding school payment plans, increasing overdrafts, borrowing from family or working second jobs.

of secondary students are not participating in extracurricular school activities.

Key findings from UNICEF NSW Drought Summit in NSW 2019

  • Young people are struggling under significant pressures and are not receiving the support they need to alleviate some of the worst effects of the drought.

  • Children feel they have had to grow up up prematurely. Many described the reality of having responsibilities beyond what is reasonable for their age.

  • Workloads for children on and off farms have increased substantially, leaving little time for schoolwork and almost no time for play, sport or other recreational activities.

  • The longer the drought progresses, the more diminished children and young people's coping reserves become.

  • While a number of measures exist to support relief for families, there are few child and youth specific interventions.

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