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Applications for a Secondary Rural Boarding Bursary 

The predominant criterion is need, as evidence by:

-  Geographic isolation from schools and services
-  Disadvantaged by a low family income

Applications will only be considered if you supply the following supporting documentation:

  • ATO Tax Assessment for the previous Financial Year (e.g. you must provide a copies of Tax Assessment Notice/s for all members of your household

  • Proof of AIC and/or LAFHA allowances

  • Other special and exceptional circumstances including medical cases

  • Students from remote border areas (VIC, SA and QLD) may apply but must attend a rural boarding school in NSW

  • The 2023 Application will be due at the end of February 2023. Your choices are to submit the form is as follows:

Other helpful information to know when applying: 

All applicants must declare to the Foundation the allowances they are eligible to receive from all sources and those that they are receiving or will receive. Proof of Allowance eligibility from Centrelink or the NSW Government, must be included with your application. Bursaries are only available for attendance at schools and hostels in rural NSW.

All bursaries are granted at the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors and may be adjusted or withdrawn if the circumstances of the recipients change.

Applications for Rural Boarding Bursaries for the next year must be made on the Bursary Application Form which will be available for download in November 2022. You may also request a posted copy by emailing  (please provide your full name and address).

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