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These are a few testimonials from families we have helped over years. 

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Joanne's Story 

“We feel most grateful for your generosity to our family over the past three years … .It is a reality check for Andrew and I to realise that just as loving, caring and supporting as we are…kids need friends, sport, music fun and challenges. For us … Scots All Saints College, Bathurst is providing these.”

Image by Mari Partyka

Parents from Louth

“Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity towards our son’s boarding fee. So many people apply and I know that not everyone is successful. For this I am very grateful.”

Image by Tomas Hertogh

Thank you 

“We are sending our son Peter to the College this year and are presently experiencing extreme drought conditions and financial hardship. We have deferred sending Peter in previous years due to our finances. We have a 12 year old son with cerebral palsy to whom we have devoted all our time and money in regard to travelling to Sydney for specialist treatment and therapy. Also the added costs of technology, speech therapy and special education … . Thank you for considering our application. It is so heartening to know that there are organisations which appreciate the financial strain of educating children in rural regions who are experiencing extreme drought conditions.”

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Timothy's Story

“… thank you very much for the money you provided this year and last to help us send Timothy to Farrer Agricultural High School in Tamworth as a boarder. We very much appreciated it and the money was a lifesaver … …not all isolation is because of distance. In Timothy’s case once the property children had gone … he was left with only one other child in his year … I don’t know of any parent who would leave their child at a school with such social and intellectual isolation … That other child had no academic ambition and left school in Year 8 …”

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John's Story

“Please accept my thanks to you and the Board of Trustees, for the accommodation bursary granted to our son, John. This drought has set us back considerably and we’re not out of the woods yet….John is coping very well with his new school and is enjoying boarding at Allison House. The social interaction with the other children and the sporting opportunities certainly help to make up for not being at home.”

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